First Week of School – August 27, 2014


I cannot send photos while I’m in the MTC. It’s a rule here that they have for some reason, otherwise I would. I will send photos when I get to my mission, though.

I already asked about my companion knowing any Nays and he said he didn’t.

I miss having all these fun adventures with you. Everyone here is mostly serious and focused, and nobody says “Gurgle”. We don’t play what are the odds either, because there’s nothing that we can do without getting in trouble.

Tell Tanner happy birthday for me! I don’t have any stamps or envelopes, so I can’t send him anything right now, but I will definitely bring home some Peruvian money for him in 2 years! Maybe sooner if I ever send anything written home to you guys.

My week was pretty boring. Just learning lots of Spanish. We have been teaching “investigators” (really just our teachers) a lot, and I think the lessons are getting better. On Saturday, we went out of the CCM and went proselyting. We were paired with an advanced student. We went to the super poor area of Peru, which was up against the hills like Brother Riddle said. We were walking up and down stairs the whole time. We didn’t have a lot of success, but I didn’t mind because missionary work is like that sometimes.

My roommates are still great. We get along and joke together. The food is like it has been, lots of rice but still good. Spanish is still coming along nicely. I try to speak it all day, but my companions and the others in my district don’t, so I end up reverting back to English.

Glad to hear everything is going alright at home! Have fun in school! I’ll talk to you again next week!

-Elder Kehoe