More rain

The rain this week was crazy. It literally
flooded the streets. They became flowing rivers. It was super loco. We’re
safe and sound. We bought some big ol’ rainboots which helped a lot. We
could cross the streets/rivers just fine. Lots of houses flooded and there
was a lot of damage done by all the water. There was so much rain the pipes
broke and all of Arequipa went without water for a day or so. I’ve heard
some parts still don’t have water. We got water Sunday morning, just in
time to shower and Continue reading


Hello everyone! Everything’s great here in Arequipa.
We’re starting to get some rain again, which is nice. The city needs it.
They’ve been in a drought.

The missionary work goes on. We’re looking for investigators and helping
lots of less actives right now. We don’t have any baptisms set in stone
yet. We might have a couple somewhat soon.

I’ve been learning a lot in my studies recently. I’ve been learning about
how important it is to have a testimony, about the power of prayer, about
the power Continue reading


Bull Fight!

Well this week was interesting. President
decided to take us all out to a bull fight during the leadership council.
It was okay to go to because it was a “cultural event.” It was fun. It was
pretty cold and started raining a little bit on us, but it was fun. There
were 13 different matches. Most of them were pretty lame. But there were 2
or 3 really good ones. I attached some pictures.

Apart from that, it was a pretty normal week. The weather here in Arequipa
is very different than Tacna. It’s Continue reading

Welcome back to Arequipa

Well, I got transfered
yesterday. It was a really busy day and didn’t have time to write. I’m back
in Arequipa, though. I’m now in the Central Stake, Salaverry Ward. It’s
been good so far.

My companion is Elder Smedley. He’s great. He’s from my group, so we met
each other in the CCM/MTC. He’s really funny.

Our new Zone only has 10 missionaries in it. It’s half the size of my other
Zone. We only have 1 district here instead of 2. It’ll be different. It’ll
have differnt pros and cons. It’s been fine Continue reading


2 Weddings!

We had 2 weddings and 2 baptisms this week!
Everything turned out great! It was really nice to see these two families
happy and married. Then the 2 baptisms just made it even better. I baptized
one of the sisters and also did one confirmation. We’ve been visiting these
families for a long time, so it was great to finally see them baptized.

Apart from that, we didn’t have a very eventful week. There are always some
things that come up and happen as missionaries that just make us laugh. It
makes the Continue reading