Mission Miracles

I don’t have a ton of time, but I wanted
to quickly write about 2 miracles we had this week.

The first one didn’t happen to us, but we saw it and kind of helped in it.
We’ve been visiting one of our investigators with an 18 year old girl from
the Church. They’re good friends, and she’s helping us teach her. We’ve
also been trying to help her be more active in the Church. The lesson we
taught the other day was about the Sabbath Day. We explained that on
Sundays we don’t work or buy stuff or anything. Continue reading

Doing well

Everything is going well here in Chivay.
Even though we’re just 2 Elders now, we’ve been able to visit a lot of
people and get a lot of work done. The asistance wasn’t great
yesterday at Church, but we’re working on that. Little by little the
members will start coming back and bringing their friends, too.

We went on a fishing trip in the morning with some members. We didn’t
catch anything but found a frozen Incan mummy and had fun trying to
fish. Luckily, nobody hooked themselves.

We also went Continue reading

And Then There Were 2

We had transfers this week. My
companion finished his mission and went home Thursday morning. I was
in a trio until today with the 2 other Elders here. Then this morning,
Elder Diederich left to go to Mollendo. He’s going from the cold
mountains to the nice warm beach. Elder Malloy and I are staying here.
However, no one else is coming. There are just going to be the 2 of us
here in Chivay. The mission is dropping from about 250 missionaries to
200, so there aren’t enough to have 4 Elders up here. Continue reading

We got snow!

We got snow for the first time in 20
years here in Chivay! And of course, it was on the same day as our
Branch 4th of July BBQ. Luckily, it all melted before the activity.
About 25 people came. However, 20ish were kids, so it was kind of
crazy. And we didn’t actually have a BBQ. One of the members told us
they had a grill, but we couldn’t find it, so we just cook everything
in a frying pan on the stove. Not quite the same, but the best we
could do in Peru. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, potato chips, Continue reading