Not much new

I don’t have much to report this week.
We’ve been working like normal. We’re both healthy. We’ve also been
able to find a few new investigators thanks to the members, so that’s
really good. We’re visiting them and teaching them little by little.
We don’t have any baptisms lined up right now, but we plan on inviting
a few people to be baptised this week.

I am contuing to read the Libro de Mormon, and I’m learning a lot from
the book. It is strengthening my testimony to see how similar the
Church Continue reading


Baptism #8

We had another baptism this weekend. We
finally baptized the mom of one of the girls I baptized back in November.
She was really happy to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. My
companion baptized her, and I confirmed her a member of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was his first baptism that he’s done, but
everything went fine. It’s so great to see another family join the Church.
She is separated from her husband, so it’s just her, her 9 year old
daughter that was baptized, Continue reading

Another Week of Answered Prayers

This week was great. We
were able to improve in the number of lessons that we taught, and I was
able to strengthen my testimony even more.

One day we were out looking for old investigators. We found their names and
addresses in the Area Book that we have and wanted to talk to them to see
if they wanted to learn more about the Church. We found a couple. Then
while we were leaving the area, I felt like we should knock on a door. We
did, and we found a less-active member of the Church who hasn’t been Continue reading

No Transfers

We had transfers this week, but Elder Vera
and I are still here in Hunter. It looks like I’ll be finishing his
training here for the next 6 weeks, then after General Conference in April,
I’ll finally be leaving MY town.

The time has been flying by. We have P-Day Monday, meetings Tuesday and
Thursday mornings, and Church Sundays, so the majority of days are
basically partial work days, then we have 3 days of full work and study.
And on those days, we occasionly have service projects, so there’re Continue reading


Number 7

We had another baptism this week! Yesterday,
Elizabeth was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints. Her non-member family was able to come to the service
and stayed for Church as well, so that was also really good. Her mom is
leaving soon, but it sounds like her 17 year old sister is going to stay,
so we’ll be visiting her now, too.

We also did a couple services this week. One was clearing out sand and
rocks from in front of a newly constructed house. One Continue reading