Big Week

Last week for P-Day, we went to some waterfalls.
It was really cool. We hiked up a slot canyon with a shallow river running
through it. I don’t have pictures because my camera was dead, but I might
get some from the other Elders. We then went and ate some lamb. It was
pretty good. Not like it is in the States, but good enough. We also played
some baseball for a bit in a soccer field that we found. It was a good last
P-Day with the Zone.

It was the last Zone P-Day because we had transfers this weekend! Continue reading


We ate trout

This week was good. We had a baptism on
Saturday. The First Counselor in our Bishopric baptised him, and then on
Sunday, I confirmed him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints. It was great to see his desire to be baptized and hear
his testimony. He’s 16, so he’ll be a new priest in the ward. Hopefully, he
will be preparing to go on his mission in a few years. His parents should
be baptized next month.

After the baptism, we went to lunch with a member. Those pictures are from
the Continue reading

Another week

Another week of the mission down. And I’m
going to start this letter by going back to last week.

Last Monday, we had a free P-Day. Usually we do an activity with the 12
other missionaries in our Zone, but the first week of every month we have
free to do what we want. We decided to meet up with our District at our
Pensionista’s house, eat lunch together, and watch a movie. Since our
District is 4 gringos and 2 Latinos we got to pick a fun Disney movie and
not some strange Latinos movie. We picked Continue reading


Welcome to 2015

We didn’t do anything special or exciting
for New Year’s. We worked like normal, tried to visit people (but nobody
was home because of the holiday) then came home and slept like normal. The
fireworks at midnight woke me up a bit, but we didn’t go and watch them or
anything because we wanted to sleep.

Then on the 1st of the new year, we met as a Zone and read 90 passages from
the Book of Mormon/Libro de Mormon together. The 90 passages are from a
sheet that we give to all of our recent converts to Continue reading