Well, Thanksgiving came and went. We didn’t
really do anything. We went to a bakery and found tiny apple pies, but
that’s about it. And the rest of the week was fine.

The family that we contacted, that was basically athiest, that didn’t want
anything to do with the Church, has been reading the Book of Mormon and
said they want to be baptized! They haven’t decided on a date yet, but
it’ll probably be soon! We have like 5 baptisms scheduled for December!
It’s going to be great! Thank you for your Continue reading

The Work Goes On

Bueno, this first week with Elder
Andersen has been great. We’ve been finding more people, teaching lessons,
helping families, and helping the ward and stake. Just a normal week in the
live of a missionary.

I don’t remember anything out of the ordinary or especially exciting. We
just keep working.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I don’t think we’re going to be
doing anything here. It’s not a holiday in Peru. And it’s super crazy to
think that December starts next week. Hola, Christmas! Chau, Familia! Hasta
next week!

Love you all!

-Elder Kehoe

A New Zone

Well, we had transfers again. I’m still here
in Granados in Alameda as Zone Leader. But my companion left to Arequipa.
He’s a Zone Leader over there now. My new companion is coming from
Arequipa. His name is Elder Anderson. I don’t remember if I said this
already or not, but him and I happened to have a class together at BYU
before the mission. He recognized me from class when I first got here and
now we’re companions. Small world.

There are 10 areas here in the Zone, and 8 of them changed. It’s Continue reading


Open your mouth, and it shall be filled

So, really cool
experience this week. It happened on Tuesday. That morning my companion and
I were studying how to ask investigators questions, what kind of questions
we should ask them, what’s the purpose in asking questions, etc. We had a
good study. Then we went to our District Meeting.

In the District Meeting, we talked about the Spirit and how important it is
that we follow and listen to Him. Then we were going to do practices. The
practices were about following the Spirit to make inspired Continue reading


2 More Baptisms!

We had 2 baptisms this week! One of them
on Tuesday and the other Halloween morning. They went great! The water was
freezing because there was a problem with the water heater, but they got
baptized! The investigator’s son baptized her on Tuesday, and my companion
baptized the investigator on Halloween. I confirmed the two of them on
Sunday. It was a good week!

We also went to a Catholic funeral on Monday, during our P-Day. We didn’t
really want to go, but them we realized how bad that was and went. Continue reading