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I ate Tym

For those of you that don’t know, we had a pet
guinea pig once upon a time. Her name was Tym. Yes, it was a she. And she
was named Tym. Don’t ask why.

Anyway, as a farewell lunch, one of the families here decided to cook us an
Arequipan delicacy: guinea pig. They cooked it on a spit over coals. It
looks gross in the pictures (well, in real life, too) but it tasted fine.
Like always, it tasted like chicken. I just thought I was eating rotisserie

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A Personal Experience

As missionaries, we always have the
chance to share our testimonies. I, personally, don’t often share personal
experiences. I don’t usually say things like, “In my house…”,”In my
family…”,”Before my mission…” I usually just testify and say, “I know
by (the Spirit, prayer, personal experience) that these things are true.” A
sister in the ward this week told me that after sharing that my parents
sang Book of Mormon stories to me every night before going to sleep, her
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T-minus 2 emails

I will only be writing home 2 more times
before I’m actually home. It’s really weird to think about.

I know that my mission is quickly coming to a close, but we’re still
working hard. We had a baptism this week! We found the investigator a month
ago thanks to a member. He is a relative of the investigator in another
ward. He was able to baptize and confirm the investigator a member of the
Church. It was a really neat experience for the two of them. Here are some

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The Last Fast

Another great week has come and gone. We
have a new mission president, baptisms this week and next, and lots of good
things planned.

Monday: We went out to lunch with some members. We went to eat pizza. Then
we watched Zootopia. I’m not sure if that’s the name in English or Spanish.
But it’s a new movie about a bunny/rabbit who becomes a police officer in
the animal society. I enjoyed it. We had popcorn and soda, too, while we
watched. It was good. When we left our room to go to our family home
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10 Investigators

We broke our record of investigators in
Church this week! We had 10 investigators there! And 6 of our investigators
didn’t come, so we could’ve had 16! But 10 is good enough, for now. I hope
that it goes up next week.

Everything’s been great here! Our new mission president gets here tomorrow.
We’re going to have a meeting and get to know him on Wednesday. His name is
President Johnson from Salt Lake. It’ll be interesting to see what changes
he makes in the mission.

We made pizza again this week. Continue reading