General Conference!

We had an interesting week! Very
busy like always.

Monday: We had a free P-Day. Everyone just did their own thing. We
went and look around at the Cachina. It’s a huge flea market with
super cheap things because the people come from Chile to sell, or
something like that. We didn’t find anything too interesting. The
Elders like to go and find neck ties. They’re usually like 1 Sole,
which is like 30 cents. We went in the afternoon, though, so most of
the venders had already left. Then we just kind Continue reading



So last week one of the companionships in
the Zone had a baptism. One of the Elders is a District Leader, so my
companion and I went to interview the investigators. Everything went
fine and they got ready for their baptism. My companion and I went to
support the investigators we interviewed. 1 hour before the baptism I
got the hiccups. It was the first time I’ve had the hiccups in over 5
years, literally. I thought, “It’s fine. The baptism isn’t for an
hour, so they’ll just go away.”

I was wrong. Continue reading

The Holy Ghost

We had a really cool experience this week.

We recently had a visit from Bishop Stevensen from the Presiding Bishopric.
We was talking to us about how to testify/share our testimonies. Something
he said is that we need to: 1) tell them we’re going to testify, 2) wait
for the Spirit to come, 3) share our testimony.

Telling them what we’re going to do and then waiting a little bit, like 10
seconds, makes such a huge difference. We were practicing that during our
Zone Council meeting this week.

We Continue reading