Lots of New Stuff

Chivay has been interesting. Lots
of things have been going on/changed in my mission now. We haven’t
done a ton of missionary work because we’ve been mostly doing Branch
work. We’ve been worrying about seminary and whether or not the youth
are going, worrying about tithing, fast offerings, and interviews,
giving training to the Relief Society about Visiting Teaching,
planning the Branch Conference we’re going to have (who’s going to
speak, what are they going to speak about, how are we going to invite
people Continue reading

Welcome to Chivay

Well, I had my first transfer this
week. Saturday night, my leaders called me to tell me that I had been
assigned to work in Chivay, Peru. I packed everything up Sunday night
and this morning at 8:40, I left Arequipa to make the 3 hour drive to

I’m up here in the mountains, living in Colca Canyon. It’s nice and
cold, a little bit rainy, and super green. There’s only 4 missionaries
here, my companion and me, and 1 other companionship. 1 of the other
Elders was with me in the CCM, so that’s Continue reading


Last Week in Hunter

This is likely my last week here
in Hunter. Next week we have transfers, and after 7 1/2 months here in
my first area, I assume I’ll be getting transfered. It’s been good and
fun here, but if the Lord needs me somewhere else, that’s where I’m

Last week we went on a tour of Arequipa, and I included a bunch of photos.

This week we’re going to hike up to some waterfalls. It should be a
fun P-Day for my last one here in the Zone.

This week we found a bunch of new investigators, and we’re going Continue reading

General Conference

This week was awesome because we got
to listen to the living prophets, seers, and revelators that are here on
the Earth. I learned a lot from their teachings and about what I need to do
to prepare myself for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The work is going like normal here in Hunter. We have transfers in a couple
weeks, and I will probably be leaving my first area, having my first
transfer. I’ve been here for 7 1/2 months already. We have a goal to
baptize 5 people here in April, but I probably Continue reading