Jesus calms the Storm

This week I want to share something
that I learned this morning. I was reading the story about the Apostles
when they are in the boat with Christ and He calms the sea. They were all
afraid and thought the boat was going to be sunk. They wake up Jesus
frightened of what’s going to happen. He then calms the storm and asks them
why they didn’t have more faith.

I always thought that when Jesus said that, He meant basically, “Why did
you wake me up? We weren’t going to drown. Why did you Continue reading

Thanks, Primary!

First of all, I want to thank the
Carnegie Primary for sending me a Christmas gift! I included a picture of

Just a couple different things from the week:

This week and last I was asked to play the piano during Sacrament Meeting.
There was a young woman in the ward doing it, but they asked me to do it
now. It’s been alright. Luckily the music is basically all the same in
Spanish, even though the words aren’t.

Yesterday, my companion and I gave talks in Sacrament Meeting. He spoke
about the Continue reading


1 more baptism!

We had another baptism this week! He’s
39. He always talks about how much he wishes he would have gotten to know
the Church earlier in his life because we would’ve accepted it sooner and
received more blessings. He wants to go on a mission, too. He’s super
excited to be a member of the Church.

We are working on getting 2 families married towards the end of January.
They’re going to be married on Friday, baptized on Saturday, and confirmed
on Sunday! It should be really neat. We’re doing the paperwork Continue reading

Happy 2016!

It’s crazy to think a new year has begun. We
keep working here just like normal, though. Not much has changed.

New Years Eve we had to be in our room early because everyone goes crazy in
the streets. We decided to get a pizza delivered to celebrate. It was
pretty good. A nice little dinner. Then after that, we went to bed. The
fireworks everyone did woke us up, though.

We’re all good and well here! We have a baptism for the 9th! It should go
great! We’re going to go up to Arequipa this week for Continue reading