Transfers, once again

We didn’t do anything for Easter,
just ate some of my Christmas candy (:

There were transfers this week!

I’m staying in my area. A Peruvian is going to be my companion. He’s from
Chiclayo. He has about 14 months in the mission.

My companion, Elder Smedly, got transferred to another part of Arequipa. He
has a new assignment. He is going to go work in the Family History Center
every other day.

We’re thinking I’ll have 1 transfer with my new companion, Elder Araujo,
and then go somewhere else to Continue reading


Another week gone

Here’s another day by day break down
for you.

Monday: We wen to buy some souvenirs this week. It was just a relaxed day.
That night we taught the Familia Cruz. There were 11 people there listening
to us at the same time. It was a very different teaching environment. It
was a little hard to keep everyone focused, but they paid attention.
They’re going to progress at different speeds, but I think all of them will
be baptized.

Tuesday: We had our District Meeting this morning. Our District Leader
taught Continue reading


Pi Day

Happy Pi Day everyone! Hope you have a good one.

Here’s a break down of last week:

Monday: We went on a little hike. We found a cool cave type thing with
water that trickles through the walls of the cave not far from here. We had
to cross a small river to get there, but it was fun. Here are 2 photos.

Tuesday: First of all, everyone here drinks yogurt. They don’t eat it; they
drink it. It’s all very runny. It’s good, though. You buy it in a big 1
liter plastic bottle. Our pensionista bought us Continue reading

No more rain

This week we’ve just had lots of sun. We
keep working, like normal. I’m getting to know the area and the people now.
It’s been good. Still no baptisms lined up, but we’re working more with the
members now. They’re starting to help us out more.

I just have some pictures of our pensionista’s dogs. They’re Peruvian dogs,
which means, they’re naked. I don’t know why, but lots of people have and
like these dogs. The bigger Peruvian/naked dogs remind me of those
horse/monster things in Harry Potter. Apparently Continue reading