2 More Baptized!

Here’s another day by day in the Life
of Elder Kehoe.

Monday: We went to visit my first area for P-Day. We went and talked to my
old pensionista and lavanderia. They were very happy to see me, and it was
fun to be able to talk to them again and catch up a bit. It’s been about a
year and a half since I was with them.

Tuesday: We had our weekly District Meeting. I taught about the importance
of working with members when we do missionary work. Then in the afternoon,
we got some invitations ready for Continue reading


Another one Baptized!

I have little time this week, but
our investigator got baptized! He’s the first in his family, but soon the
others will be baptized as well!

We’re going to have 2 more baptisms this week, as well!

Hope everyone has a great week! I know we will!

-Elder Kehoe


20 Months, minus 1 day

Tomorrow I complete 20 months in
the mission! It’s crazy to see how much time has gone by!

This was a good week. It was pretty average.

The district meeting we had on Tuesday went well. This time I was prepared
and ready for it. It turned out well. There was a lot of participation from
the missionaries, and we were able to learn together. We talked about
charity and how to better contact people in the street or in their houses.

Thursday we were able to go to the Family History Center and help Continue reading


General Conference, for the last time

We had a good week
this week! My new companion got here fine, and we’ve been getting along

Monday: My companion got here. We ate lunch, he wrote home, then we went
and visited the Cruz family for a family home evening. It went well.

Tuesday: We had a Zone meeting today instead of a district meeting. We
talked with the Zone leaders and established the districts, planned P-Days,
etc. Then we split into our new districts. I didn’t have a class prepared.
Oops. The Zone Leaders said we were going Continue reading