Happy New Year!

It’s super weird to think that 2016 is
coming. I haven’t stepped foot once in my home country during 2015. Hope
everyone had a fun Christmas and has a great New Years!

We had a baptism on the 26th! Ruth, 19 years old, got baptized. She’s one
of the best investigators I’ve had here in the mission. She’s definitely
been prepared by the Lord. Her uncle from Chile was able to do the
confirmation, which was neat. We have another baptism lined up for the 10th
of January. He’s also super prepared. I’ll keep you guys informed!

Here’s a photo of us in the plaza after singing on Christmas!

-Elder Kehoe

A nice and sunny Christmas

Nothing super exciting… yet.
Christmas is this week, though! It’s super weird. It doesn’t feel like
Christmas here. We’re going to go caroling in the main plaza Christmas
night. And we’re going to get to Skype home to our families! That’ll be the
best part of the day.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season at home!

We have a baptism planned for the 26th! A young women is going to be
baptized. We found her about a month ago, and she has definitely been
prepared by the Lord. She has read Continue reading


Christmas is coming!

Hello everyone! You’re probably
freezing up there. Down here we’re nice and toasty. I’m probably sun
burned. Oh well. We’re teaching everyone about Christ!

We had a Christmas activity with the mission this week! It was fun. We had
a Santa Claus dress up contest. Ours is the kung-fu Santa there, with the
skinny white mustache. He should’ve won the contest. President’s Assistants
said so themselves, but it was audience’s choice, so the Santa with the
biggest Zone won.

During the activity, President Continue reading


Christmas is coming

Hello everyone! I’m alive and well
here. We are getting ready for Christmas. Some houses have lights up. Most
houses have a Christmas tree. My companion has one that we’re going to put
up today. It’s fun.

We’re focusing a lot in Jesus Christ and His birth right now. We use the “A
Savior is Born” video a lot. It’s really easy to talk with people about
Jesus and the true meaning of Chirstmas during this time of year.

We’ve found some great investigators. They’re progressing quickly. We
should still Continue reading