The Last Fast

Another great week has come and gone. We
have a new mission president, baptisms this week and next, and lots of good
things planned.

Monday: We went out to lunch with some members. We went to eat pizza. Then
we watched Zootopia. I’m not sure if that’s the name in English or Spanish.
But it’s a new movie about a bunny/rabbit who becomes a police officer in
the animal society. I enjoyed it. We had popcorn and soda, too, while we
watched. It was good. When we left our room to go to our family home
evenings, I felt like we should return the volleyball that we used on
Saturday for the ward activity and also the tupperware that a family had
given us with food. We were able to return them pretty quickly, but it took
a little bit of time. I just thought it was a good thing to do, so we did
it, even though it pushed back our appointments a tiny bit. Then we stopped
at a members house so my companion could use the bathroom. When we went
outside to go to the family home evening, right then the member we were
going to visit passed us in his car. He didn’t have any minutes to call us
and decided to drive around looking for us because we were going to do the
FHE in their friend’s house instead. We “just happened” to cross paths
right there. But we know that things don’t “just happen” very much in the
Church. Especially when you’re a missionary. I learned that the Holy Ghost
told me to go and return those things, not just because it was a good thing
to do, but because it put us back just enough time to run into the member
right then and there. Had we gone immediately to the appointment, we
would’ve taken a different route and found the member’s house empty, but
the Lord helped us have a great family home evening.

Tuesday: We had our district meeting, like normal. During the day we taught
various lessons. And 2 more of the Cruz family want to be baptized! They’re
going to be baptized next week, on the 16!

Wednesday: We met our new mission president. He spoke Spanish in his
mission, and remembered a lot of it, so he spoke to us all in Spanish. His
wife knows a bit and is super excited to learn more. He is very excited for
us to baptize as a mission. We went to lunch in our pension afterwards,
like normal. Then we went to help an investigator paint some rooms in the
house they’re going to rent. During the afternoon/evening nobody was home.
But we contacted about 15 people in the street. We also found an appartment
for a family in the ward that has been looking for one.

Thursday: We had our weekly planning. We finally made the pumpkin chocolate
chip bread my parents sent me. It didn’t turn our great. Oh well. We also
got a few visits in in the afternoon.

Friday: We taught a new less active today. She hasn’t gone to Church in
like 3 years but is very excited to come back. Then we went to a meeting
with the Zone Leaders. We talked about how we can work better with the
leaders in the ward to have more success. We visited mostly less actives

Saturday: In the morning I fixed a members computer. I helped him get his
new internet router set up and configured. Then we kind of helped with a
fried chicken fundraiser. It’s something common that they do here to raise
money. A family does it and sells fried chicken to their friends and family
to raise money. We delivered a couple plates to members in the ward. Then
we visited some families in the afternoon. This week we’ve been finding a
lot more people home than last week; we’ve been able to teach more lessons
this week. We started my last fast of the mission after lunch.

Sunday: Fast Sunday. I shared my testimony during the meeting (for the last
time). Only 4 investigators came this week, but it was good. We had a good
Gospel Principles class with them talking about the Sacrament. After Church
we did divisiones with some young men in the ward. To finish off the week,
we had a family home evening with an investigator in the house of 3 return
missionary brothers. It was a good FHE.

Hope everyone has a good 4th of July!

-Elder Kehoe