Some pictures, finally

Here are a few pictures from while
I was in Chivay.

We were getting ready to paint a room, so we needed to sand the paint off
the walls. The paint was blue. Afterwards, I was blue.

We went on a fishing trip with the young men in the ward and found an Incan
mummy. My dad didn’t believe me, but here’s the photo proof.

One night while we were staying in the mission home, a recently returned
missionary and her mom were there. They’re from French Canada, so they made
us some French crepes and brought real maple syrup. It was a really good

Unexpected Transfers!

So, I got transfered to Tacna. I
was in a bus for 9 hours yesterday, and because of that, I didn’t have time
to write home. I was expecting to have 1 more transfer in Chivay, but
apparently the Lord needs me here. Apparently He also needs me to be a Zone
Leader. That’ll certainly be a new experience. Sounds like we’re going to
have to go and pick up some new missionaries from the bus station at like
11:00 or 12:00 tonight. Lots of new experiences.

My companion is Elder Ancajima (on-ca-HE-ma). He’s Continue reading

Less than a year to go

This is from last week. I had it typed up but forgot to send it.

Monday: We had a pretty normal day today. We made the brownies that I got
from the ward for P-Day. They didn’t turn out perfect, but they were
certainly the best brownies we’ve had here.

Tuesday: We had to go to Arequipa, AGAIN. We left in a snow storm. It was
awesome! The bus didn’t have any problems, thankfully, and we got to
Arequipa fine. The mission home was full this time of other missionaries,
so we stayed in the apartment Continue reading

Well… this is weird

I was looking at the calendar
today and some how somebody changed it to make it look like it’s
August 10. I went to another calendar and saw the same thing. So
either somebody is really good at switching around calendars in all of
Chivay or I’m dreaming. All I know is that it hasn’t actually been a
year since I’ve left home. There’s no way I’ve been in Peru for a
whole year already.

Anyways. We had another busy week.

Monday: We made pizzas here in Chivay. They turned out just like they
did back Continue reading

We moved!

This week was super busy.

Monday: We just relaxed. We watched The Lego Movie. At night we went
to visit that investigator who contacted us in the street. She had
talked to missionaries before, but needed some help and advice. We
went and talked with her, shared some of the Gospel with her, and
really helped her out. She was feeling a whole lot better afterwards.

Tuesday: We had weekly planning today because we weren’t able to do it
last Thursday. There were a ton of people here in Chivay because Continue reading